What is Sexual Abuse and Trauma Recovery?

If you have experienced sexual abuse or trauma, abuse of any kind (sexual, emotional, physical, spiritual, verbal), natural disasters, horrible accident, a violent attack, war veteran, death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, and/or witnessed a trauma, (e.g., living in a crime-ridden neighborhood). The emotional, psychological, and physical effects of trauma can alter numerous aspects of daily life ultimately losing a sense of safety with the people and places around you, feeling vulnerable and “always on guard,” or out of control and losing faith in mankind and yourself. It is possible that the trauma continues affecting all or some part of your personal, and/or professional life by diminishing its quality and potential; even if the actual traumatic event occurred a long time ago.

We provide a safe environment that is caring, compassionate, and supportive. Our comfortable surroundings will provide the backdrop in learning new skills to handle symptoms consisting of: nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, daydreaming, trust issues, dissociation, self-injury, body memories, and heightened sense of awareness (hypervigilance).girl crying

Trauma Groups: Speak with your therapist to determine specific information regarding dates, cost, and times, as well as if you are ready to participate in a group. Trauma, as indicated above, can lead to many self-defeating behaviors. Group therapy can be used to develop positive interactions, feel supported and validated, and provide an opportunity to explore positive and negative effects from the trauma. In this controlled and protective environment you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and connect to others with similar feelings and experiences.

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