Who is Lily?

We are excited to introduce our newest member to our practice, Lily.

Keba We rescued her December, 2015 as a puppy. Lily joined our practice as Keba has begun her well deserved retirement.

It is with great sadness that Keba will be transitioning into a regular dog digging holes and stealing food at home with Elizabeth. It took Elizabeth awhile to accept that it was time to find a puppy for Keba to train, partially because she was skeptical that another dog could teach a puppy how to sense emotions. As anybody who has experienced a loss it is about being ready and creating new space for another being.

Lily joined the practice with typical puppy behaviors and as time progressed the miracle happened. Keba has taught Lily to mimic similar behaviors that she exhibits when she senses different emotions. As we all allow Keba to slowly transition into retirement we are very excited to have Lily carry the torch and for her to provide you the support in any form that fits your journey.