What can you expect?

You can call us directly to complete a free phone consultation.
We will determine if our services are the optimal treatment modalities for you.
Our services are provided by a truly dedicated and innovative treatment team.
Are we a good fit for you, your relationship, and/or your family? We always tell clients, “Finding a counselor/therapist is like finding a shirt - it doesn't always fit the first time you try one on. But trust there is one out there so keep looking!”


If you feel comfortable with Hope Can Heal Counseling Center, LLC we will schedule your face-to-face initial assessment. The initial assessment takes approximately one hour. During this visit, you and the therapist will spend time getting to know one another, obtaining background information, and discussing office policies and procedures. We will also focus on therapeutic goals and what brings you to counseling. There is a fee for the assessment. Payment will also be discussed at this time. We are VERY flexible so please do not let money turn you away. We will always assure you get the help you need, regardless if you seek it from Hope Can Heal.


Children: One member of the treatment team will meet with the parent(s) or caretaker(s) without the child present to complete the initial assessment. This allows the parent to discuss topics openly as well as interviewing the treatment team to determine if it is a good fit for your child.

Couples: It is recommended that the couple attend the initial assessment together and if individual sessions are recommended that can be discussed at that time.


Individual: An initial assessment will be scheduled to get to know one another, obtain background information, and discuss what brings you to counseling. Individual sessions will be scheduled at that time.


Next Steps: If you feel comfortable with Hope Can Heal Counseling Center, LLC then initially weekly 50-minute sessions are recommended.


Hope Can Heal Counseling Center, LLC
offers individual, group, and family therapy.