Keba and I have an amazing connection.
She always knows what I’m feeling and reminds me
that I’m not alone. -Hector, Adult


Keba is my friend. Keba gets me. Keba's is on my team when no one else is.
I wish I could have a Keba for myself. -Sarah, 17 years old


Upon my first appointment with Elizabeth, I was a bit apprehensive regarding Keba, as I do not like dogs in general. But she made me feel welcome quickly, and she helped to ease my anxiety. During therapy sessions she has become my friend, greeting me with a toy when I arrive, and digging me a hole when I need to “hide.” She doesn’t judge me, and I feel like she cares! (thanks Keba) -Tim, Adult


Keba is great in session because she always calls you out. You can't get away with anything when Keba is around and she helps you move forward always. - Michelle, 22 years old


I LOVE having Keba in my sessions with me! Keba is the mirror I cannot hide from.
She is so attentive and is always there to comfort me. I couldn’t imagine therapy without her. -Jackie, 26 year


The way Keba helps me with Ms. Elizabeth: 1. Fun 2 hug on hard times, 2. Very loving on hard times, 3. Good at being cute on hard times, 4. Knows how I felt, 5. She is a big, sweet, chocolate lab, 6. She is a dog! 7. She likes to be cuddled 8. I sometimes get to walk her. -Morgan, 9 years old


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